Make your polo tees last longer with these laundry tips!

Descente Singapore October 30, 2014 NEWS

Polo tees are summer classics we cannot go without, especially in Singapore where summer hits us all year round. They are so comfortable and versatile; you can use them as active wear as well as office casual wear.

4H9A9824Most polo tees are made of cotton material which is soft and absorbs perspiration quickly, so you can still feel fresh while enjoying an active lifestyle. However, cotton material does have its downsides as well – it wrinkles and goes out of shape easily when laundered.

So how do you prevent your polo tees from wrinkling and going out of shape?
Even though the durability of a polo tee very much depends on the quality of fabric it is made of, you can make it last even longer by following these laundry tips:

  • Use a laundry net when washing your polo tees. Laundry net keeps the form of the polo tee within the net, preventing your washing machine from stretching it out of shape. In addition, it also protects color from fading, making them look vibrant for a longer time.
  • Do not soak your polo tees for more than 30 minutes. Soaking for an extended period can destroy the color pigments and weaken the fabric of your polo tees.
  • Use a gentle detergent without bleach. This is probably the most important point because many detergents contain bleach that can drastically fade the color of your polo tees.
  • Hang your polo tees to dry immediately after wash. Letting them sit crumply in the washing machine means they will dry with the crumples stuck to them as well.

Laundry Net Pic

We really hope these laundry tips benefit you and help make your favourite polo tees last longer! If you find it hard to find durable polo tees, why not try out Munsingwear One Thing polo tees? They are made of TOYOBO’s “Miracle Care” fabric and represented in rich palette of Japanese color. With 18 color choices, you are sure to a polo tee in the color you like! Click here to find out more.

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